Restoring the African rulership system

By Shivute Kaapanda [Think Tank Africa]

With the foundation of democracy on which African governments are founded upon, on conditions of their former colonialists, the conditions which are clearly set right in the constitutions of most if not all African states, one may conclude that everything was designed to make African states not to have any power or control over themselves.

African countries, as they are known to be democratic countries, can equally be compared to sets of different computers in a lab connected to a server in the city of Manchester – all these computers receive instructions from overseas.

The 19th century creation and mapping of nation-states in Africa by European imperialists which were drawn up with no regard to the boundaries between different ethnic groups and linguistic variations in Africa is exactly what have caused the trans-boundary issues and ethnic dispossessions experienced in Africa today for the political and economic administration of the nation-states is based on the demarcation of these artificial and colonial borders.

Africans never administered themselves as countries but rather as kingdoms with queens and kings presiding over these kingdoms as rulers of final authorities.

It is the creation of the nation-states which has caused havoc and ethnic and kingship dispossession; it is because of the creation of nation-states that the African kingship system has been abolished and the impression was created that Africans could best be administered as nations and not as tribal kingdoms.

That is how African kings and queens were castrated and reduced to mere traditional leaders with no final authorities over their kingdoms but rather the gatekeepers of their tribes through their masters called national leaders (presidents) to whom the executive authority is given by the colonial masters.

In the light of the above, it’s clearly visible that the system of democracy is evil and wicked for it clearly demonstrated that it’s not compatible with the needs and aspirations of Africans. The democratic system has ethnically dispossessed Africans and has caused havoc and permanent conflict in Africa.

It is for this reason that the system of democracy has already failed the litmus test, and it’s best for us to get rid of it.

In this light there is a proposal by Africans for Africans to establish an Organization of the United Kingdom of Africa through which all Africans shall channel their energy in searching justice of their own in reclaiming their ancestral heritage and system of governance in a modern and unified way.

The establishment of the aforementioned organization will see African kings, queens, chiefs and all traditional leaders of Africa coming together as one by creating one organization which shall replace the colonially inherited system of governance with the indigenous African traditional system of governance based on African cultures, beliefs and values.

This article is a patriotic call to all pan-Africanists, black people in particular, to come to themselves and realize the ultimate meaning of their humanity and the need to liberate themselves from the morose of white imperialism with regard to the current and so called democratic system of government which is feeding on the flesh of African species making Africans generational slaves for decades and centuries.

This is a clearly defined stubborn call for action to a just cause.

Our immediate ancestor-leaders have clearly made it clear to us that death and slavery are one and the same thing, and that life with no dignity is lame.

Africans want their indigenous kingship system of rule to be re-established since it was lost during colonialism. It’s therefore a call for mobilization of all the African traditional leaderships and the general African population to wake up to this call despite challenges from the ruthless capitalists who are interested in maintaining the status quo of democracy.

In the end Africa will indigenize and Africans shall ululate as we bury the system of democracy alive.