One of the youthful members of the National Assembly has indicated that come Wednesday, 14 September 2021, she will ask the Assembly to debate the alarming rate of unemployment among the youth.

Inna Koviao Hengari gave notice yesterday that she will table a motion to have the burning issue of youth unemployment to be discussed at the highest level.

“I shall move that the House debates the following: Youth unemployment in the country is more than twice that for adults. 576,000 is the size of the youth labour force (in other words, young people who qualify for employment or can be employed).

“Of this number 265,770 are unemployed, roaming the streets without a job. This represents 46% of youth unemployment by the end of 2018.

“By the end of this year, Namibia is expected to reach a staggering 50.3% youth unemployment rate. More concerning, is that the highest qualification of 229,259 or (31.6%) of the labour force is a Junior Secondary Certificate (in other words, grade 10 certificate holders).

“Whilst those with qualifications account for a mere 93,998 in the labour force.

“I therefore move that this House debates the youth unemployment crisis in Namibia, its ramifications, both in the short, medium to long-term.”

Hengari said that the motion will seek to request President Hage Geingob to declare a State of Emergency on the youth unemployment crisis, and therefore to discuss, debate and agree on long term and short-term interventions to resolving the crisis.

In the photo: MP Inna Koviao Hengari.