Control your mind

By Josefina Gabriel |

Heavy storms come once or twice, or several times, in any person’s life. And they can be handled by those who can control their minds instead of letting their minds to control them in life.

If you can control your mind, no storm can destroy you. Instead when the storm comes your way you won’t just wait the storm to pass but you learn to dance in the rain.

When you are not controlled by your mind things can happen but you can stand still, or shed tears of pain, yet you will never change your decision and go for a wrong mindset.

A right mindset tells you to be sure that you have someone on your side who you can trust and lean on, that is the pillar that can accept those who need it more especially in times of storms. And this can happen to those who believe in him (Jesus Christ) and only when your mind is not leading you.

Don’t be controlled by your mind so that you can learn to be patient, so that you can hold the key to your success not only with wealth or prosperity, but with attitudes, confidence, good manners and salvation too.

You need to think big and motivate yourself to win because your heart and mind is your biggest source of motivation; just keep on going. You never know who you’re inspiring when you are pushing harder to win despite the storms.

Heavy storms may come, but you cannot worry too much if your mind is under your control. As long as you have a roof over your head, food on your table, shoes on your feet it’s fine. Tomorrow is another day and will never remain the same. The storm will pass.

Avoid self-destruction with a wrong mindset, hope for tomorrow with your strong trust in God and all will be better if you can go through the storm. Just remember, if you can control your mind you can control every storm.