The Ohangwena Regional leadership of Namibia National Teachers Union (NANTU) has called on its members to be patient and wait for the outcome of the on-going negotiations between the Government and a combined force of NANTU/NAPWU.

“There are no shortcuts comrades. Our stance as NANTU Ohangwena remains that we need salary increment and improved benefits, and we are fully committed to push on that call,” says Mr George Hafilwa, chairperson of Ohangwena NANTU.

“We have contributed to the negotiation submission as recorded on February 2021 and we are demanding for the negotiation team to negotiate for the retrospective payment back-dated to 1st April 2021.

“Let all public servants in the region join and support this call. We want to assure you comrade members that, as we are waiting for the outcomes from the next engagement between government and NAPWU/NANTU scheduled to take place soon, we are calling upon all of you comrades to remain positive and patiently wait for the next order.

“We must remain united more than ever before. Like the saying goes ‘we cannot go to war if there is still room for negotiation.’ It is not yet time for us to strike because we still have to engage the employer at the table of discussion.

“If diplomacy fail, it is when we will no longer have any other option but to follow all legal procedures (enshrined in the Labour Act). We are ready to take any appropriate actions when time is right; if putting down chalks and engage into picketing, let be it.

“Let us remain focussed and united. Be aware of internal and external forces.”

In the photo: Chairperson of Ohangwena NANTU Mr George Hafilwa.