Your grateful heart

By Josefina Ndeshi Gabriel|

You deserve to be treated better everywhere you go and everywhere you are although you don’t give the best to others. But still you need other’s hands to make you smile. That’s why good expectation is needed everywhere.

I’m talking about having a grateful heart.

The grateful heart means a lot in reality whereby it will come to the point where it just seems to be the magnet for miracles. This means that when you have a grateful heart you have every access to the door of blessings, and nice things will automatically happen in your everyday life.

Therefore don’t estimate wrongly the power of a grateful heart.

Having a grateful heart is another method of increasing your standards of life considering the fact that you’re in favor of yourself and others too. It goes without saying that what comes easy won’t last and what lasts won’t come easy, so why bother being aggressive just for a living when you can be God’s purpose on earth and own a grateful heart for a great standard of life?

Just a simple notification on this one: living with a grateful heart goes together with the root of honesty accompanied by kindness and mostly a generous soul.

To tighten loose ends on this, never underestimate the power of a grateful heart under any circumstances including standards of living, poor or rich circumstances, because it does not require wealth or good tidings to be grateful. Rather real wealth and good tidings come from a grateful heart.

The road to obtaining a grateful heart does not need temporary things like money, possession or popularity but needs permanent things like great motive and good expectation.

Conclusively, joy comes in the morning but it’s not joy that makes you grateful but it’s your gratitude that can make you joyful and the light that illuminates from within.

– Ms Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, devout Christian and upcoming author.