A good impression will lift you up

By Josefina “Ndeshi” Gabriel |

In this life everyone wants to be up.

So that one thing I have realised is that we normally do things to impress people just so that the people may put us up. But then through our desire to impress people we tend to do bad things instead of the good ones.

In so doing we go out of God’s will and his commandments. This is to say that as we try to impress people we fail to impress God.

Meanwhile impressing God is important and necessary because only God can truly lift us up.

People can praise us and lift us up just for a short period of time if we do things which make them happy. But if we do what makes God happy we will forever be up and we will receive a reward which is permanent.

In fact some of the things we do to impress people will have bad consequences for us. We do the things thinking that by doing it we will be known very well, or become highly respected and loved.

We may be looking for riches in wrong ways just so that we would be considered as rich, or to be famous.

Or we borrow money so that we can have a big wedding, birthday party, etc. Or we can try to impress people by the way we behave.

And doing all these things might make us end up disobeying God and give honor to people instead of giving honor to our creator. At the end of the day we see that the riches, fame, respect and love disappear like the wind and we end up feeling down again because we were relying on a human being to lift us up instead of relying on God.

So how do we impress God instead of people?

— the way we behave and act
— the way we dress
— our manners
— our attitudes
— our lifestyles

All these above-mentioned can tell who are you and who you really want to impress more in your life.

Sometimes we end up imitating things we don’t know, or following people’s ways just so that we can fit in and be popular. But then a bad dressing code, bad conduct, bad attitude and bad lifestyle can bring shame, bad luck, failures and regrets into our lives.

This is why just impressing people is not enough.

It is better to impress people and impress God at the same time with good behavior, appropriate attitude and a proper lifestyle so that both people and God will speak well of you and then you obtain blessings, good luck, success, long-term respect and be considered as faithful, and honest.

Anyone who makes such a good impression on people and on God will never be down but only up the rest of his or her life.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, devout Christian and upcoming author.