Christianity: a demon in African spiritual systems

By Shivute Kaapanda [Think Tank Africa]

When colonizers came to Africa they found African kings and queens in charge of the land and their people.

The colonisers, out of greed, conquered and manipulated these kings and queens to surrender to the new rituals of European values and cultural extraction such as baptism and the eating and drinking of the body and blood of the Jewish ancestor Jesus as bread (white crackers) and red wine (Old Brown Sedgwick).

Christianity came to dethrone and castrate the spiritual powers and the knowledge and confidence of self of African kings and queens and their subjects.

The injection of new social rituals by the colonial missionaries paved way for the death of the African spiritual system which was the control system of African leadership used by the queens and the kings of Afrika.

Africans have always been spiritual people despite all that the western controlled media and Afro-pessimistic authors and bishops are busy feeding you with. For an African person spirituality is leadership and leadership is spirituality.

The reason why the current leadership in Africa by Africans is not progressive is because of the lack of element of indigenous spirituality.

What democracy is to a typical African leader whose spirituality is untouched is what spirituality is to a modern democracy leader such as honourable Emma Theofilus whose knowledge of spirituality is absent to her modern young mind.

What is the value of democracy or human rights to the Ovahimba leader Hikumuine Kapika for example? These terms and concepts of human rights and democracy are alien to the African traditional and spiritual leadership and therefore it’s incompatible with leading and liberating Africans.

The gospel which projects Jesus as an overall ancestor of the black and white species only reduces Africans into spiritual slavery named as Christianity.

Those of us who don’t believe in Christianity are pagans according to Christianity again; of course there are those Africans who are captivated between Christianity and African spirituality, and according to democratic values it is their rights.

Democracy gives people the right to be confused. It’s the same system which gives African people the right to choose their genders despite the biological characters they were born with.

Democracy is the same system endemic to Africa which now has powers to recognize the moral and legal validity of African indigenous kingship systems which it found being practiced here in Africa before colonialism.

In restoring the indigenous African knowledge and spirituality there is a need to recognize and restore the African Kings and Queens by ways of modern styles and fashions but not with democracy.

The invasion of the endemic God theory has demonized African spirituality as Africans and ultimately our system of leadership succession. It’s common knowledge that European adventurism through Christianity has collapsed African spiritual systems.

The so-called development and expansion of urban areas which see most Africans living in small cubicles called houses rather than open rural traditional houses has liquidated the spiritual spaces of the African continent.

The barbaric education system has demonized the platform for indigenous spiritual knowledge of Africa. Instead of Africans learning how to produce their own food the endemic education system only teaches Africans how to solve X.

The type of education which only produces modern slaves who go to work in the white-controlled banking industry is just a modern version of sugar plantation slaves. There is no wisdom in believing that any system whether economic or political brought to Africa by former colonialists can liberate Africans.

The political systems inherited by African states are the same systems which undermined indigenous African systems and social patterns which are the cause of continued conflict in Africa due to colonial borders which were drawn up by colonizers for colonial purposes and have led to human tribal dispossession and land dispossession which have caused further polarization between Africans.

The nature and pattern of social progress in the modern world of Africa is brewed in the white spaces of education, health, spirituality, religion, etcetera, and therefore the pace and fate of development take the similar pattern because of the planted social and economic patterns by the so-called fore-fathers of all these systems.

Indeed Christianity is an old demon in the flesh of African spiritual systems.

– Shivute Kaapanda is an African author and an Atheist from Eyanda village. He is also the author of the book called ‘The Conscious Republic’.