The International University of Management (IUM)’s founder and chairperson of its governing council Dr David Namwandi says that revolutions of whatever kind are carried out by young people.

While Namibia’s political freedom was brought about by young people, it will be young people who will bring about the economic freedom.

“Dr Sam Nujoma started fighting for the freedom and independence we are enjoying today when he was in his 20s. Hifikepunye Pohamba, and the current president left this country when they were 20-something. Libertina Amathila and others fought for this country’s political freedom when they were in their 20s,” Namwandi said.

“Therefore those who believe that young people will sit and wait for economic freedom, they are wrong. Without the participation of young people we are doomed. Radicalism is an integral part of being young. You can’t expect young people to be passive. You cannot define their future. Let’s never suffocate young people.”

Namwandi was speaking at the 18th graduation ceremony of IUM in Windhoek this morning.

Namwandi’s words come on the back of the ongoing uprising by young people who are unhappy about the government’s approach in addressing the economic suffering of citizens in comparison with the manner in which Chinese entrepreneurs are treated.

The uprising has seen the arrest of two youth activists, Michael Amushelelo and Dimbulukeni Nauyoma, who are still behind bars over an incident that happened a week ago.

“I’m not advocating for anarchy,” Namwandi added. “Anarchy is not radicalism. What we need is for our young people to stand up and study, otherwise foreigners will take over this country.

“We cannot continue to be a country of consumers of what others produce. We have land. With our small population in comparison to our resources we are supposed to be able to feed ourselves and to be master of our destiny.

“A hungry man is an angy man. Let’s navigate our difficulties as a united nation. It’s greed that brings about corruption.

“Brothers and sisters, this land is beautiful. We can not affort it to go to the dogs. We are the land of the brave. Let’s fight and emerge victorious.”

A total of 1,465 graduates receive today their qualifications from Namibia’s third biggest institution of higher learning.

In the photo: IUM’s chairperson Dr David Namwandi.