Admit your error

By Josefina Gabriel|

Wrong-doing is everywhere and is meant to be done every day; it’s normal to do mistakes because we’re human, as long as we learn from our mistakes.

In most times people find it very hard to expose their wrong doings due to some reasons, and because of those reasons they end up denying what they have done but instead they want to pass their error on to someone else who is innocent in the matter.

Moreover this person can still feel guilty inside although she or he can’t just expose it out. By listening to your heart you can feel guilty for your wrong-doing although you don’t want to admit it.

Let’s see what are those cases which can make someone not to admit his wrong actions which were done behind closed doors:

Pride/ego, being stubborn
A person can find it hard to admit his or her fault because of the spirit of ego which makes him to consider him or herself more valued than the other person or people.

Some wrong-doings are hard to handle outside or in public because they are private issues and some are too funny to be done by that person due to his or her category. Admitting it will bring shame and embarrassment.

You can also be scared to be seen as weak, fear of losing someone you much valued in life, fear of not being perfect. Or fear that you will lose your position.

Lack of self-awareness
When you are clueless and think you’re a successful person and believe that all is because of your hard work, dedication and you don’t need anyone’s hand it will also be difficult for you to admit your errors.

Enjoying chaos
But some people do wrong things and they will not admit it because these people enjoy being trouble-makers; they do it for the purpose of bringing up confusion or disruption.

It might not be easy to accept your fault but it can easily free your heart from bondages and secretly regretting your past errors instead of just admitting it all to yourself and to others.

Admitting your errors will free your heart and bring back your smile.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, devote Christian and upcoming author. She can be reached at Email: