Oshana region’s Okaku Constituency councillor Mr Gerson Hannu Kapenda will appear in court for trial on 13 to 14 July 2022.

Kapenda who also serves as the Oshana Regional Council’s chairperson was in April 2021 driving through Oshikuku when his official car hit a pedestrian, a local musician, who died shortly after the incident.

A police report shortly after the incident stated that the politician had fled the scene before the police arrived. He was arrested a few days later and granted bail of N$10,000.

Omusati’s chief of criminal investigations Deputy Commissioner Moses Simaho confirmed that the investigations have been concluded and the case has gotten a date for trial at the Oshakati Magistrate’s court.

Simaho’s response comes after a member of the public raised red flags over the case, saying that the docket has disappeared.

“According to the information, which needs to be confirmed or denied, the docket of the politician has disappeared, so that the case may not bring trouble to the Swapo Party.

“As journalists if you’re unable to find information [of the docket’s disappearance] you can ask as to when the suspect will next appear in court,” said the concerned member of the public who is also a Swapo member.

“Yes, I’m having the docket. The journalists you can come to my office because I’m the one who is investigating. The case’s investigation is finalised, and we are going to trial for two days, on 13 to 14 July 2022 in Oshakati,” Deputy Commissioner Simaho said.

“There is nothing outstanding. The investigation is finalised. We are just waiting for the trial date.”

In the photo: The culpable homicide suspect Mr Gerson Hannu Kapenda.