Success in business belongs to those who are patient and are willing to stick their heads out for long.

This is the message of local restaurant owner Ms Paulina Negumbo-Angula.

Negumbo-Angula owns the Negumbo Restaurant, which she started with money from her own savings in 2011.

Over time the restaurant (situated a street away behind the Ministry of Finance in Oshakati) has notched up a significant pool of loyal customers to keep its doors open even during the period of Covid-19.

“In the beginning, way back in the year 2005, there was a lady who had a tailor business here at home, because my mother who used to be a business woman had passed on. So since I had a job at Ongwediva, I used to bring vetkoeks, cooked cabbage, liver, potatoes or fish sometimes so that the lady can sell for me,” Negumbo-Angula narrates.

“But before long I saw that customers were coming in big numbers, so I decided to leave my job and take up the food business fulltime.”

She turned the Negumbo home into a restaurant and employed two people.

“The major challenges, apart from the period of Covid-19 lockdown when we were required to only sell on takeaway basis, the increase in prices of cutleries and food prices increase continue to affect our prices, so that our customers feel it’s unfair on them,” she says.

Despite the challenges, the restaurant owner has confidence in the future growth of the business.

“My message to the youth who may want to venture into business is that you must start small and be patient. Don’t give up even if the sales are not encouraging. Business has seasons. Eventually things will pick up and more money will come in.

“Keep saving the small income you’re getting and keep the business going. Don’t desire quick success.

“Being a business owner has lots of benefits, one of which is that you’re free to do your thing, and the income when you become successful comes directly to you, and there is no pressure from anyone else.”

In the photo: Restaurant owner Paulina Negumbo-Angula.