Gorgeous Cosmetics, a business that sells beauty and skin moisturising products, was spotted at Ohangwena Agri-food Confex, a conference and expo where stakeholders in the agricultural sector came together to share information, experiences and challenges facing their sector – as well as showcasing their products and services to the public.

Ms Olga Hamunyela, who owns Gorgeous Cosmetics with a partner (Ms Laimi Shiluwa), would however not pass up this opportunity for Gorgeous Cosmetics to also showcase what they do best.

“We came at the Expo for our business to be known in order to increase sales,” Olga says.

Gorgeous Cosmetics specializes in selling body lotions, perfumes, roll-ons, soaps, sprays, and other beauty products which they order from Avroy Shlain in South Africa.

“Our products are quite affordable to the customer because we order them from South Africa and we get good discounts, so that we just add on something little for our profits,” she states.

Although the business was started in 2017, Olga says that she left it for a while and only returned to it in 2021.

“We are actually making just enough for our livelihoods, as long as we are making a living. We will appreciate it so much if more people can make use of our products. We are situated in Eenhana.”

According to Olga, it’s advisable for young people who have no source of income to join in and start a business of this kind. “Actually, we work as a network of distributors. We welcome new members, those who want to join and keep buying their supplies through our network of Avroy Shlain. They are welcome to contact us.

“Registration is for free, and training is also for free. They can really make some good profits to live on if they join this amazing organisation,” she says.

Gorgeous Cosmetic’s contact number is 0817596240.

In the photo: Olga Hamunyela seen at the Ohangwena Expo.