The Ohangwena Agri-food Conference and Expo came and went.

Taking place in Eenhana during the week of 10-13 August 2022, it was an opportunity for small-scale farmers to interact, network, and communicate with government, corporate, consumers and other stakeholders for the purpose of “igniting Ohangwena as a food basket” for Namibia.

While the expo was meant for those in the agricultural sector, some local entrepreneurs who are in the manufacturing sector for unrelated but equally important products did not let this expo to pass them by.

One such enterprise was Vibera Investments cc.

Vibera was on the showgrounds showcasing its organic and moisturizing body-care products, all manufactured in Eenhana.

Ms Helaria Shuudeni is the CEO and founder of Vibera Investments cc, a small-scale manufacturing venture that has big dreams of turning Eenhana into a manufacturing hub of bodycare products for Ohangwena region and beyond.

“We serve high social class adults by offering quality, organic and moisturising bodycare for comfort and green cleaning products,” says Helaria.

“We do this by manufacturing additive-free cosmetics and detergents which we supply to retailers.”

While hardwork and commitment is slowly paying off for Vibera, Helaria says that much of their success is all thanks to the Penehupifo Pohamba Community Trust.

“The Penehupifo Pohamba Community Trust is our sponsor. It has been a desire of Meekulu Pohamba to create a platform for employment opportunities for women and youth, to tap into the untapped natural resources of Namibia,” Helaria states.

“So through Vibera she is pioneering the value addition to natural resources, and that is the reason the Trust sponsored Vibera Investments. The Penehupifo Pohamba Community Trust provided us with startup capital and gave us a part of their office space from where we are doing our manufacturing work.

“We really appreciate what they have done for us.”

Some of the Vibera’s popular products include a body cream and organic soap whose ingredients are Aqua, Sodium Palmate, Propane 1-2-3-triol, RRR-alpha tocopherol.

Vibera Investments cc can be reached at 0813215313.

In the photo: Helaria Shuudeni of Vibera Investments cc showcasing some of their products.