Namib Mill’s Top Score 40 years’ anniversary celebration promotion came an end today with a dramatic handover of a half-million dollar Toyota Landcruiser bakkie to a 30-year-old man from Otjiwarongo.

The promotion that started on 1st September ended on 4 December, and 137 000 entries were recorded.

Although the Landcruiser vehicle was based in Oshakati, Oshana Region, where the competition was officially launched in September, the three entries which were selected randomly for the final draw came from south of the redline.

Mr Ruhindo Cisse Uapimbi (of Otjiwarongo) emerged as the winner of the Landcruiser, while Ms Audry van Wyk (of Rehoboth) scooped the second prize of N$14,000. And in third place was Mr Michael Leonard (of Gobabis) got the cash prize of N$4,000.

“I’m so excited, so delighted,” Uapimbi said after shedding tears of joy in being the winner of the Landcruiser.

Uapimbi, who is a member of the NDF, said that he entered the competition without thinking about what this small act would have on his life.

“I bought a pack of Top Score, at the price of one point something, and I bought it together with a newspaper,” he said. “And it was in the newspaper where I found the details of the competition.

“I said, let me try. And then I forgot about it. It was just yesterday I came to think of it again when I was called and told that I was one of the three people who have made it to the final draw.

“That is when I started to have the confidence that I would come out as the winner of the Landcruiser.”

Oshana Governor Elia Irimari handed over the key to the lucky winner.

In the photo: Ruhindo Uapimbi in front of his brand new Toyota Landcruiser.