Claim it back!

By Josefina Gabriel /

I have come to realise that as we grow up our lives seem to turn out differently from the way we saw them in our dreams.

We tend to become the way we are not supposed to be. As we move everyday towards the future we just come to realise with disappointment that the devil has stolen our future. In the end we end up living miserable lives.

Unless we realise this quickly and make a decision to claim back our future.

Yes we have to accept who we are and what we have, but it was not God’s intention for our lives to turn out differently from what we had in mind. It is all because the devil stole everything God had in mind for us.

He stole our happiness, love, work, education, relationships, talents and our dreams. So that everything seems to have fallen apart in our lives, and we begin to be confused and living a life filled with doubts and fears.

The enemy has ruined our department of everything. He stole our faith which is the key to our success.

We must then claim it back. We must claim our faith back. We must claim our dreams back. We must claim our future back.


By praying to our only mighty God. We don’t need to trust someone else, nor other gods, but the only High God will do it for us without a penny.

Claim it back by speaking out about the power of the Most High God, the giver of dreams, the one who has authority to create a glorious future for all of us.

Claim it back by reporting your worries, doubts and fears to the lovely, caring and merciful Father who never fail us, the God of grace.

By his mighty hand the dead and dry bones will come to life. He is the renovator of the broken hearts, the repairer of broken souls, the collector of the scattered things, the seeker and founder of solutions and answers to all life’s problems.

There is no doubt that your dream and your heart’s wishes will come true one day, just one day, because if you trust him and by using his power he will help you in getting it away from that place of darkness where the devil hid it.

What you need is only to claim it back!

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, devout Christian and author of the book ‘Listen to your heart’ published in 2022.