Swakopmund-based artist Kali Boy YKK is upbeat and lyrical about the year 2023, saying that his fans can expect the best of beats and wonderful lyrics in his upcoming album to be released in August.

The album, which will be his third, will be a three-year project consisting of his experiences and all that he has learned during the time after Covid-19.

“This album will be one to watch out for,” Kali Boy says. “It will feature some of the top fellow artists and it will be produced by some of the best producers. I had to take time since my last album (of 2020), so that I can have the funds needed to produce a good album.”

Since the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, he says, so much has improved in terms of income from his music. At the end of last year he was in southern Angola where he also had some shows after he was invited by a local artist and a businessman in that country.

“It was encouraging to see that people there in Angola are really interested in my music. They came in big numbers at the shows and this gave me motivation to find a way of going back again and again in the future.”

After spending the festive season with his family in northern Namibia, Kali Boy is back at the coastal town of Swakopmund where he rides the crest of his musical wave.

In the photo: Kali Boy YKK