Fans and those who may happen to have been close by during the early days of the making of a kwaito master may be in for a royal treat as King Tee Dee celebrates his 40th birthday.

A poster on the musician’s social media states that 31 March will be a date to watch for.

Born on 31 March in 1983, Martin Morocky, known by his stage name as The Dogg, and later as TeeDee, and then again latter as King Tee Dee, is one artist who has walked a long musical journey, a journey from rags to riches.

From the year 2004 when he released his first musical instalment known as “Oshimaliw’osatana” The Dogg has lived a life that nobody can ignore.

While fame took him to places he never dreamed of, and money gave him what others only dreamed of, at heart he still remained a boy from the township whose heart was still in the village.

But by watching his social media handles one may get to get bits and bits of information about the day that will certainly be the milestone and event to transition The Dogg from boys to men.

In the photo: Kwaito Master King Tee Dee