God sends miracles

By Josefina Gabriel |

Life is a game that someone can play every day in difficult conditions yet hoping for better results.

With our every morning waking up and waiting for the day to provide good news, dreaming day and night for the best outcomes of our efforts at making a living, or just living at all within the circumstances of our existence – and then boom … a miracle happens.

Miracles can happen every day but we tend to take it for granted and don’t even notice them due to the fact that we are always expecting big things in our everyday lives. So we go on hoping and expecting the best things to happen while we can’t see the things already happening.

Miracles happen every day; you just have to look for them.

Some people don’t believe in miracles because they don’t understand how miracles happen or what a miracle is. They don’t know what a miracle looks like. They may just think that they are having a lucky day.

Every day is a miracle.

A miracle is every beneficial event brought about through divine power, an exciting wonder that appears without your human effort, something beyond the reach of human action, nor is it a result of natural causes.

A miracle can be anything good that can happen in your life unexpected too. To live at all it’s a miracle. That’s why each of us is indeed a miracle.

Within every one of us there is power to be a lifter of other people, encourager of somebody, to bless them, pray with them and helping them out. Where there is great love, there is always wonders because if God doesn’t grant your miracles, remember that you are the miracle he sent for somebody else.

Thus do not underestimate the positive energies you create when you know how to be grateful with your daily miracles surrounding you that an opportunity is a miracle waiting to happen. So at no time should you choose to give up before your miracle happen.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, devout Christian and author of the book ‘Listen to your heart’ published in 2022.