Exit has proven over and over again to be the most consistent and loyal to the musical game despite the economic challenges and the up-n-downs of the entertainment industry.

Born in Oshakati but coming of age in Windhoek where he made himself a name as one of modern Namibia’s top artists, Exit has continued to make a living off the entertainment field while others who came before or with him have long ago left the musical hustle to go fend for themselves in the commercial world as employees or business people.

Exit also has stuck to the kwaito genre when others have veered off to follow the fashion by turning to house music or a toned down kwaito beat that is smooth and more Euro-American in feel than anything Southern African ghetto inspired.

Sticking to what he does best, during the past weeks Exit was touring the north, with appearances in Oshakati, Rundu and Tsumeb.

As the TB Ambassador for the Republic of Namibia, Exit has also remained one artist who can truly be said to be used in more ways than just entertainment for the people of Namibia and beyond.

Therefore at this stage and level where he is, he now tags himself as ‘The Greatest of All Time’.

In the photo: Exit doing what he does best, which is to deliver music.