The Governor of Ohangwena Region delivered today his State of the Region Address at the 6th Special Council meeting of the Regional Council, where the mayors of Eenhana and Helao Nafidi were present.

Leaders of many government institutions stationed in Ohangwena, as well as leaders of civil society and community based organisations and some community members also were present at the meeting that took place in Eenhana.

During his address Ndevashiya narrated and enumerated various projects which have been undertaken by the regional government as well as those by the central government during the preceding 12 months.

At the end of his address Ndevashiya took questions from the audience and he answered them.

In the end, after a session that took some three hours, the Chairperson of Ohangwena Regional Council, Mr Erickson Ndawanifa closed the session.

In the photo: Ohangwena Governor Walde Ndevashiya delivering his fourth State of the Region Address.