High frequencies of crime continue to haunt the region of Ohangwena despite various activities and the best efforts of stakeholders – including a regional day of prayers.

In his State of the Region Address yesterday the Governor of Ohangwena, Mr Walde Ndevashiya, stated that there has been an increase of 38% in the crimes committed in Ohangwena.

“With regards to safety and security, the Region continues to record a higher number of cases of crimes committed,” he said.

“During the reporting period, the Region recorded 7578 different cases, of which crimes of concern ranges from theft (1445), assault and grievous bodily harm (1040), house breaking (982), Gender Based Violence (432), rape (254), robbery (241), stock theft (268) and Murder (27) bringing the total number [of serious crimes to] 4689, an increase of 1801.

“This represents an increase of 38% in the crimes committed in the Region. This situation is a very huge cause for concern to the Regional leadership.”

In an effort to curb the high crime rate in the Region, the Governor said, the construction of a new Police station at Ongha and the construction of Police Barracks at Eenhana have been completed.

In addition, the construction of a Police Station with charge office, cellblock, male and female single quarters and married quarters at Endola is currently underway.

“Furthermore, plans are underway to construct new Police Stations at Ondobe, Epembe, Omboloka, and Ohangwena.”

During his State of the Region Address in 2022 Ndevashiya stated that Ohangwena recorded 4 491 criminal cases.

In April this year the region of Ohangwena held a day for prayers against the scourge of violence and criminality.

In the photo: Ohangwena Governor is concerned by the high crime rate in his region.