The region of Ohangwena is one of the regions where the development of netball as a sport is fairing poorly.

While some regions such as Oshana and Omusati have active netball leagues, Ohangwena’s netball league existed only in 2021.

This situation is about to change after a new leadership has been elected to steer netball in the right direction.

Although the meeting was called as an Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Ohangwena Netball Association/Ohangwena Netball League, very few clubs turned up on 24 June 2023 at the Eenhana Multipurpose Youth Centre.

With the Ohangwena Netball League having been dead for the past two years, most of the clubs are dormant and their officials did not turn up at the meeting that would have been an AGM to elect new leaders.

As a result the meeting did not meet a quorum.

However those netball enthusiasts who turned up went ahead with the meeting and elected a new netball leadership.

Mr Erastus Kapenda (Endola Constituency) was elected as the new chairperson, while Ms Basilia Namwira (Ohangwena Constituency) was elected as the vice chairperson.

The rest of the leadership is as follows:

Ms Patricia Kaheka (Ondobe Constituency), secretary general

Ms Martha Shihepo (Omundaungilo Constituency), fixtures secretary

Mr Simon Joseph (Oshikango Constituency), vice fixtures secretary

Ms Hileni Josef (Eenhana Constituency), technical director

And Ms Penehupifo Shingoya (Ohangwena Constituency), public relations officer.

Mr Kapenda replaced Mr Sedekia Udjombala who had served as chairperson for close to six years.

In the photo: (From left, seated) Hileni Josef, Martha Shihepo, Erastus Kapenda, Simon Joseph and Patricia Kaheka; standing is Ms Rauna Haulu from Netball Namibia who presided over the elections.