Ohangwena Athletics Club has identified five talented young girls to participate in the first training camp where they will be introduced to theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills of how to become a successful athlete.

The training will take place from 19 June to 2 July 2023 in Swakopmund.

The club has started shaping young female athletes by giving them specialized attention in an effort to search for talents that would qualify for the Youth Olympics 2026 in Dakar, Senegal.

The club has so far identified Elizabeth Kalola and Monika Kandjobo who are becoming specialists in long distance.

“We have also identified Sophie Kambonde in the short distances of 100m and 200m, Ester Petrus 100m and 200m, Ndilimeke Erastus 100m and 200m, Saima Immanuel 100m and 200m, and Vinia Ndinelao Shilongo 200m and 400m,” says Ohangwena Athletics Club’s communications manager Mr Teofelus Moses.

“All our selected athletes are girls from the ages of 11 to 16 years.”

Moses says that “our team boasts of quite a good number of upcoming long distance runners who we feel can emulate and take up the task to replace Olympic medalist Helalia Johannes.

“We are also blessed with upcoming sprinters who are eager to step up in the footsteps of Christine Mboma and Beatrice Masilingi if they are well nurtured and taken care of.

“The team is then asking from people of all walks of life be it corporate world, individual and local companies,  to join us in shaping and moulding the future of Namibian women in sport by helping with training gears, tracksuits and training shoes.

“We are ready to carry your brand during the training and in all competitions we will participate in be it in the country or beyond the borders.

“Join us and make a difference in the lives of our young talents.”

For more information contact Teofelus Moses at mosesmteofelus@gmail.com or 0812345300.

In the photo: Long distance runner Elizabeth Kalola.