Process of growth and change

By Josefina Gabriel|

Life is a process of change. As we grow up we change physically and also personally.

A good child is a child with positive affirmation and determination to change into a good person.

We often never take the time to think of who we want to be, and yes this is unfortunate actually.

Every child wants to grow up. And yes growing up is not for us to decide. Every child will grow up physically.

But who you want to be is your choice and that makes it to be up to you in order to decide whether you’re growing and changing positively or negatively.

In order to grow up into a good person, you must have a target to move towards in the area of personal growth and change.

If you are not sure of where to begin, find someone who can lead you in that. Your elders know better. Don’t worry, just begin the process to grow and change into a good person because once you start it shows how determined you are.

Therefore fight for your own positive changes and fight for bravery.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, online columnist and author.