Hey kid, listen and obey

By Josefina Gabriel|

Hey kid! What’s up?

Mostly children love to learn and to know a lot. And that’s a good thing. You have to learn more about this world, it’s an interesting world we live in. This world was made by a wonderful God.

But if you want to know a lot, you first have to learn to listen to elders and obey their rules. If you want to live longer and to be a lucky person in life, learn to respect people and stay in their rules until you’re grown up.

When you’re grown up then you can make your own rules.

Good and smart children that Jesus loves listen to the elders and do not like to do bad things because they know what they learned from their beloved elders. So they are happy and proud to learn.

They consider themselves as lucky children.

Stay good, stay beautiful, stay smart and clever, and hey, stay obedient as always to your elders as they love you a lot.

– Josefina Gabriel is a student-teacher, motivational writer, online columnist and author. Her first book titled “Listen to your heart” was published in 2022. She can be reached at josefinagabriel89.jg@gmail.com