In a groundbreaking initiative aimed at advancing financial literacy, Nedbank Namibia sponsored the One Economy Financial Training Masterclass in Rundu from 5 to 6 July 2023.

The event provided a platform for 39 promising youth micro-entrepreneurs to acquire essential financial management skills, a strategic step in bolstering Namibia’s economic future.

Ms Selma Kaulinge, Manager for Communications and PR at Nedbank Namibia, highlighted the bank’s dedication to fostering financial prudence among the youth.

“This collaboration with VISA and other vital financial sector stakeholders underscores our commitment to empowering our young entrepreneurs with the financial literacy they need to succeed.

“We firmly believe in the transformative power of financial knowledge in shaping a prosperous economy and responsible citizenry,” she commented.

The two-day Masterclass was meticulously designed to deliver maximum impact. It featured notable speakers, including the Honourable Bonifatius Wakudumo, Governor of Kavango East Region, and seasoned financial experts such as Mr Etiene Raymond, Ms Elise Uusiku, and Mr Matheus Mukosho.

Participants engaged in a rich blend of lectures, simulation-based activities, and interactive workshops that fostered a deeper understanding of vital financial concepts such as budgeting, cash flow management, and financial statements.

One of the enthusiastic participants, a young entrepreneur named Nangula, shared her personal take on the event: “Wow, this training was a real game-changer! It provided us with knowledge that is both practical and necessary – stuff you don’t usually learn in a classroom.

“It was not only about figures and spreadsheets; it’s about fueling our dreams and making them a reality. Thanks to the Masterclass, I’m now way more confident about making smart money moves in my business.”

The Masterclass’ program was packed with invaluable insights, designed to empower participants with the tools to make informed business decisions.

Each segment of the Masterclass was carefully curated to provide youthful micro-entrepreneurs with comprehensive financial knowledge that can be applied practically to their businesses, setting them on the path to success.

Ms Miina Shakela, a representative of the Office of the First Lady, reflected on the event’s significance:

“This Masterclass represents a monumental stride in arming our youth micro-entrepreneurs with the practical tools and knowledge they need for financial stability. The concerted effort of Nedbank Namibia, VISA, and the One Economy Foundation has successfully empowered these entrepreneurs to drive their businesses forward and positively impact their communities.”

Commenting on Nedbank Namibia’s pivotal role in the event, Selma Kaulinge further added, “At Nedbank, our approach goes beyond traditional banking. Our partnership with the One Economy Foundation is a testament to our commitment to driving sustainable economic growth and development in Namibia. Nedbank Namibia stands as a beacon of financial literacy and responsible lending, strengthening the path to economic empowerment for our country’s entrepreneurs.”

According to Kaulinge, Nedbank Namibia’s involvement in the One Economy Financial Training Masterclass marks yet another milestone in their ongoing mission to empower individuals and communities, fostering a landscape of financial stability, economic growth, and shared prosperity across the country.

She further stated that as the bank continues its transformative journey, Namibians can look forward to more impactful initiatives aimed at enriching the financial literacy landscape and promoting responsible lending in the future.

In the photo: Governor of Kavango East Region, Honourable Bonifatius Wakudumo, Nedbank Namibia Rundu Branch Manager, Lukas Jonas, and Programme Coordinator, Miina Shakela pictured with the participants of the One Economy Financial Training Masterclass in Rundu.