The Rob Youth Foundation visited the regional leadership of the Swapo Party to seek support, guidance, collaboration and partnership from various leadership structures of the governing party.

The meeting that took place on Monday was meant for the Foundation to brief the Swapo Party regional team of the planned projects such as implementation of agricultural projects to improve food security in the region.

The Rob Youth Foundation said that it would like to have a mobile clinic that can provide outreach services in remote areas and ensure that residents in rural areas are also catered for and have access to condoms, HIV, STDs, and STIs testing services and also create awareness on how to use the sexual reproductive services.

Founder and Managing Director of the Rob Youth Foundation, Mr Robert Maseka, emphasised the need for the youth in the region to come up with agricultural projects that will improve food security in the region and also create employment opportunities for them.

“I believe the youth should take leadership in implementing agricultural projects in the region in order to feed the region. The Rob Youth Foundation is ready but needs support, we need land to start agricultural projects, and we urge the leadership of Swapo to support us,” Maseka said to the Swapo leaders.

“We have a lot of great initiatives to bring up development in the region but unfortunately we don’t have even an office to operate from, but we believe through our engagement we will get all the support we need in order for us to implement great initiatives in the Kavango East region.”

Rob Youth Foundation has observed that food security is one of the big problems in the region.

“As the youth, we need to initiate ways on how we can generate food for the region. As Youth Organizations including the Swapo Party Youth League, National Youth Council and other stakeholders, we need to collaborate and have a partnership so that we can come up with projects on agriculture where we will assist each other and help feed the nation.”

Regional Secretary of Swapo Party Youth League, Mr Anselem Marungu, commended the Rob Youth Foundation for the great work done nationally in a short period of time and assured that the leadership will support the team in the region.

“We commend you for the great job you have done so far as a Youth Foundation, and we thank you for coming to see us, you have met the right leadership and I believe they will definitely support you on the request you have put forward,” Marungu stated.

Regional chairperson of the National Youth Council, Mr Moses Shikerete, said: I’m impressed with the great job the Foundation has achieved so far.

“However, I am a bit disappointed that I am only meeting the Rob Youth Foundation now after they have done so much within the region.”

According to Mr Maseka, the Rob Youth Foundation has started with the preparation of serving and fencing off a 10 hectares of land in the Zambezi Region.

The Foundation announced that the Governor of the Zambezi Region, Honorable Lawrence Sampofu, has given them his tractor for servicing the land and will also assist during the ploughing season in November this year.

Also in attendance during the meeting were regional coordinator of the Swapo Party Madam Mushinga Shinduvi, Swapo’s regional administrator Mr Samoneka Mahindi Fabianus, regional treasurer Mr Patrick Haingura, regional information and mobilization of the Swapo Party Youth League, Ms Bibiana Shapi, regional treasurer of Swapo Party Youth League Madam Delia Ntjamba and regional information and mobilization officer Mr Kudumo Bonifasius.

In the photo: Rob Youth Foundation officials with Swapo’s Kavango East leaders.