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Russia and Ethiopia have solidified a significant cooperative accord, underscoring their joint commitment to harnessing atomic energy for peaceful purposes.

The accord was formalized during the Russia-Africa Economic and Humanitarian Forum, emblematic of the nations’ shared dedication to fostering multifaceted collaboration.

At the core of this strategic partnership lies a meticulously crafted roadmap delineating the specific strides envisioned from 2023 to 2025.

The blueprint outlines comprehensive plans to investigate the feasibility of establishing both large and small nuclear power plants.

Notably, the roadmap extends its ambit to encompass the establishment of a Centre for Nuclear Science and Technology in Ethiopia, underscoring a holistic commitment to nuclear advancement in the African nation.

Collaborative intent is palpable in the roadmap’s directives, which encompass multifaceted measures. Among them is the shared aspiration to bolster Ethiopia’s indigenous nuclear infrastructure.

In addition, the collaboration envisions an array of activities, including technical excursions, seminars, and focused deliberations by specialized working groups.

This landmark agreement signals a pivotal milestone in the Russia-Ethiopia relationship, signifying their shared vision for harnessing atomic energy in ways that enhance socio-economic progress while ensuring the safety and security of their respective nations.

In the photo: Russian and Ethiopian officials signing the agreement.