The Namibian Agronomic Board (NAB) has this year made a step towards reaching out to the northern public by being one of the exhibitors at the Ongwediva Annual Trade Fair.

“NAB is growing and expanding its footprint on the national landscape and so we want to bring information about our role to the public,” says NAB’s communication officer Ms Auguste Fabian.

“We will now be participating at every trade show across the country.”

Fabian explains that NAB is the regulator and controller of all agronomic products in Namibia.

“We encourage producers of mahangu, maize and vegetables to produce enough for the country. We give information to producers also as to which crops and vegetables are easy to produce, such as those which require less water.

“We also control the distribution and sale of agronomic products across the borders.”

Fabian points out that NAB also has a role to register all Namibian producers of grain products.

“The NAB, as mandated by the Agronomic Industry Act 20 of 1992 and in line with the grain marketing agreements signed between producer and processor representatives, is responsible for the registration of all producers who are expected to sell their grains to registered millers or silos during the marketing season,” Fabian explains.

“The registration enables the NAB to efficiently and effectively facilitate the marketing of locally produced grains.”

With this year’s Ongwediva Annual Trade Fair already in its third day, Fabian says that their presence at the fair is worth it.

“I am actually impressed because so many people from all walks of life are coming in at this trade fair,” Fabian states.

“And we really want to make use of this kind of platforms for information to reach our people. We need more platforms like this.”

In the photo: NAB’s employees Max Shikongo, Auguste Fabian and Teresia Simon attending to the queries from visitors at NAB’s stall in the Ongwediva Annual Trade Fair.