The Oshakati Independence Stadium was packed to the rafters by soccer fans who came to see Eeshoke Chulla Chulla playing their first match of the Debmarine Namibia Premier Football League.

Playing for the first time in the top league, Chulla Chulla is bringing back the enthusiasm of local football lovers.

This enthusiasm has not been seen since the times of Oshakati City F.C. when it played in the premier league close to a decade ago.

Eeshoke Chulla Chulla, better known simply as Chulla Chulla, is the fourth club after Oshakati City, KK Palace and Young Chiefs to ever play in the Namibia Premier League from the northern 4-O-regions.

The club hailing from Ohangwena Region played its home game which also was its first game of the season against the Mighty Gunners at Oshakati Independence Stadium last Sunday.

Chulla Chulla won the match by 2-1.

In the photo: For the first time in many moons a football match attracted a big crown in the north.