Close your eyes, ears and mouth to evil

By Josefina Gabriel/

Hey kids, you’re the most wonderful people ever.

Your hearts are like gold; your minds are sharp and smart. And look at your beautiful and cute eyes, and your innocent smile always carrying a bright future.

It’s best for you to keep these qualities safe and yours forever. How? You have to run away from evils, bad news, bad pictures, bad movies, bad videos, run away from bad words, songs, audios, bad sounds.

In short, run away from all evil.

Run away from speaking bad words, bad news, stay away from gossiping; be far from those supporting evils and supporting things you are not aware of.

Do not use your mouth to lie. Do not use your eyes to see evil things or ears to hear evil.

Where there is evil, better close your eyes, ears and mouth and stay good and wonderful forever by protecting yourself from everything bad.

That way your heart will remain pure like gold, and your mind clean, sharp and smart. And of course your beautiful smile will continue to shine and carry a bright future for you.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, online columnist and author.