The wife of Michael Amushelelo has sent out word to the people of Namibia to come in and support her as she fights for the release of her husband who has been kept in custody since March this year.

Julieta Amushelelo wrote on social media that the continuing imprisonment of her husband is hurting her so much.

“Today marks 4 days since my husband Michael Amushelelo has been on a hunger strike,” Mrs Amushelelo said.

“As his wife, this hurts me beyond words knowing that I might get a call informing me that something has happened to him or that I should make arrangements for his body.

“I have tried talking him out of it, although at this point my husband is convinced that since he has received little to no support from the Namibian nation (the same people he has been fighting for) he now needs to use all that he can to fight for his own freedom from behind bars.

“This is why I am planning a protest on the 11th October 2023 for his release, this will be the same day that his trial is supposed to start again; last month on the 12th September 2023 he was supposed to start his trial but the Police never brought him to court and his trial date was postponed for another 30 days.

“I know that I cannot do this on my own, hence why I Julieta Amushelelo am humbly asking the Namibian Nation to please join me at the protest for my husband to be granted bail. I believe that if we come in numbers and stand as one this will be able to help him get justice.

“I also ask that you please help me reach out to any human rights organizations worldwide and international media platforms to intervene in this matter.

“More information about the protest will be released tomorrow.”

Mr Amushelelo has been held in the Windhoek Correctional Facility since his arrest in March when he led a protest against youth unemployment. His requests for bail have been dismissed by the courts repeatedly on arguments that Amushelelo has violated bail conditions of previous cases.

In the photo: Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters’ economic commissar Michael Amushelelo.