The minister of information and communication technology today launched the national symbols awareness campaign in Oshana region.

Oshana Governor Elia Irimari said at the launch that the campaign, which is being introduced to all regions of the country, is meant to “foster patriotism among citizens of our nation. It aims to highlight the importance of our national symbols and their meanings.”

The event started with a march of the Namibian Police followed by hundreds of learners from several schools. The march began at Spar Ongwediva and ended at Mweshipandeka High School, where a demonstration was done on how to hoist the national flag.

Minister of Information and Communication Technology Dr. Peya Mushelenga was then given the opportunity to speak to the learners and educators who were gathered in the school’s hall, explaining that the national symbols campaign will enlighten the people of Namibia about “the sanctity of our national symbols.”

The national symbols include the national flag, national anthem and the coat of arms.

“The national flag speaks to the sacrifices made by the people of Namibia. The national anthem echoes the dreams and aspirations of every citizen of Namibia, speaking to the history and sacrifice of our people, and it expresses the distinct identity of our nation.”

Mushelenga also taught the learners some national slogans. “Everything for Namibia, All for Unity, and Prosperity for All”.

In the photo: Dr. Peya Mushelenga, flanked by Governor Elia Irimari and Okatana Constituency Councillor Edmund Ishuwa, hold the national flag with hundreds of learners holding little flags in the background at Mweshipandeka High School.