Good leaders follow money

By Victor Angula /

In a democracy, such as Namibia and most other countries of the world today, where elections for leadership is something that takes place again and again, you always see leaders (mostly seeing them on TV and newspapers).

And most of them are good leaders.

Namibia is a stable democracy where people who are poor continue to be poor, because the country has good leaders.

Namibia is an upper middle income country with a small population most of which lives from hand to mouth because it’s a country with good leaders.

There are mainly three types of leaders: good leaders, great leaders and worse leaders.

Good leaders follow money. As soon as someone has been elected to a political position, if he or she is a good leader he soon enough forgets his promises to the people, and he starts following money for his own sake.

Good leaders make money for themselves while in political office.

Great leaders, on the other hand, follow visions. As soon as a great leader got elected to the office he or she starts putting his ideas of changing things, changing systems, changing institutions, changing the nation, and changing the lives of people, turning things around according to his visions and dreams.

At some things he succeeds but at most he fails. But where he is failing he does things to help groom others who may take over from him so that they can continue where he ended or do better where he failed.

That is what a great leader is, he is not concerned about making money for himself and his family but concerned about making a difference to the people or to the country or region or city he is leading.

But worse leaders, all they do is follow their enemies. As soon as a worse leader is elected, he starts going after his enemies. Some enemies are real, but others are perceived. He wastes time and energy fighting his enemies, mostly political enemies.

Therefore Namibia has good leaders. These are leaders who follow money instead of following visions, or following enemies.

– Victor Angula is the editor of Omutumwa News Online. He can be reached at