2024 must be the best year

By Victor Angula /

Covid-19 is fast becoming a distant memory.

Gone are the days when a new year started with uncertainties and fears associated with a world where a deadly virus is spreading across borders, killing people, killing businesses, and killing dreams.

Although medical experts say that Covid-19 is still around, at least it is not around in the manner in which social distancing, masking up, injections, funerals and retrenchments were the new normal.

Now as we enter this new year we all have to agree that in the end if we fail to live up to our potential as individuals, as businesses, or as a nation, we absolutely have no Covid-19 to blame.

Now we can blame any thing else, if not ourselves. We can blame the government, we can blame the economy, or we can blame God.

We can blame the government for our unemployment or lack of business opportunities. The government can blame God for the drought situation. Or as a nation collectively we can blame Russia and Ukraine for their war which is making our food expensive.

But if we choose not to engage in the blame game or in the game of excuses then this year can be the best year for us Namibians. This year is promising.

It is an election year.

President Hage Geingob is running the last lap of his presidency. There is hope that he will throw the last dice of his rulership by going to the office everyday to do things which will make all of us do better and get better during the course of this year.

Therefore all of us must dig our boots in and do more than last year. We can do more by investing more of our time, our energy, our resources, and our effort in our dreams, our goals and our visions as individuals, as businesses, as communities, and as a nation.

This year must be the year to prosper.

– Victor Angula is the editor of Omutumwa News Online.