We are team Namibia

By Victor Angula /

There are those who think that they are more deserving than others in this Namibian house. You see them through their attitude. You see them in the manner by which they want to keep the rest of the people away from the table.

That kind of attitude is such a problem mostly where it has to deal with those of us who wish to see a situation whereby there get to be a two-way street between the informal sector and the formal sector so that the informal sector may be incorporated into the economy.

While there is what is termed as the informal sector and formal sector, there is nothing like an “informal economy” and “formal economy”. Namibia has only one economy, and it is this economy which is made up of the informal sector and the formal sector.

The informal sector is an important component of the economy. This is a fact, and not an opinion. So that policy makers and leaders of institutions have to respect the informal sector. Their attitude must change when they are dealing with this sector.

You must respect the small entrepreneurs. They are at the outskirts of the economy, of course, but they are part of the team. No economy can be without them. And you must admire them who have dreams of graduating into the formal sector.

In fact you have to give them a helping hand, because this is the only way to expand the economy, create more jobs and fight income inequalities in the society.

But what I have seen is that more often what you get is a spit on your hand. (Just imagine the way FNB Namibia has been towards Omutumwa.)

Anyway, we are part of the team, like it or not. We are on the same boat my broer. But we are gonna rock the boat if you persist with your disdainful attitude. The time is gone when we have been spectators on the fringes of the economy as if we don’t belong.