Stop pretending

By Josefina Gabriel |

In life we have wicked people and also good people; that is a fact.

But then most times we fall into one of the said categories and or end up doing the same things or act the same way as is appropriate to any of these categories depending on the time, mood, or attitude of the day.

In other words, we pretend to be this or that.

What do we normally pretend on?

  • On acting kind when we are not.
  • Lying about others.
  • To be holy but we are not.
  • Being a sheep but you’re a wolf.
  • Wearing a smile on the outside but inside we are full of hatred.
  • Wishing each other failures.
  • Being happy for other’s successes while inside you’re angry.

But it’s a fact that some people always go around faking  themselves to be someone else while knowing that they are not; that’s why if their true colours come out you can be shocked because you never knew the person’s true character.

Let me assure you that you can pretend and lie to people but you can’t pretend to God. God sees everything; and so you’re told to obey and fear God but not to fear and impress people on earth. You have to serve one God. Nothing is hidden to him, he sees your mind, your heart and he said even that hair on your head he knows its number.

Nothing can last, nothing can stay for good, nothing stays forever, everything has its end; that is why sometimes things can end in happiness and sometimes in tears. So let us be aware, and examine yourself whether you’re in the way that God likes.

It never helps to fool people. If you’re aiming for a good thing, do it with all your heart; don’t take any part in the things on the evil side.  And if you’re aiming for destruction, be on your point without pretending.

What can you do in this matter then?

You need to humble yourself from inside and mould yourself into something nice and different; it’s never too late to change. Do it and God will start with the preparations for your blessings. God hates those who pretend, but he loves those who are true to their hearts.

Stop pretending, but rather pray for others, pray for your elders and your country, ask God to give you a caring heart and a sweet heart too.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, online columnist and author.