Your smile is a symbol of hope and strength

Your smile is a symbol of hope and strength

Your smile is a symbol of hope and strength

By Josefina Gabriel |

Someone said that the smile you wear on your face is worth more than a combination of silver earrings, golden necklaces and even the fine clothes you wear on your back.

The face is a part of the body that can easily give the answer to people you’re approaching or those around you as to whether you are happy or sad, positive or negative.

Of course a smile doesn’t always mean that the person is happy, cheerful and has no issues. Only a few percentage of people on this earth will say that their smile is a sign that they are totally fine and there is no worries.

Most people with some kind of problem troubling them will not show it by their facial expression, because they try to stand firm and want to prove that they are strong enough and one day will be fine.

They don’t want to advertise their problems. By advertising your problems you attract more problems.

That smile you always apply on your face specify the best person you are and can promote the hope you carry for tomorrow and showing more meaning from your inner person. The smile promotes the strength you have and you want to have because tomorrow will never be the same.

So keep on smiling, keep on shining, keep on moving; it’s not the end but just the beginning and there is nothing harder than the beginning of a new season.

Sometimes you need to smile even when facing the storm in front of you, no matter the tears because no matter what things will turn out well. You’re a winner, a conqueror who will testify one of the good days.

Stay beautiful through that smile that determines your inner strength.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, devout Christian and upcoming author.