Oshikango-based Further Fighters FC will be one of the 32 teams fighting for the PstBet NFA Cup 2024 after Fighters beat their peers at the North East First Division to qualify for the NFA Cup which will take place after a pause of several years.

Further Fighters defeated KK United by 1-0 in the final of the PstBet NFA Cup Preliminary Round competition held last weekend, earning for themselves a spot at the NFA Cup.

Fighters will be one of a dozen first division teams squaring up against premier league teams fighting for the NFA Cup, which is being sponsored by BstBet.

Fighters are looking at making inroads in Namibian soccer, taking lessons from Eeshoke Chula Chula, another team from Ohangwena, which is doing well during its first campaign in the premier league.

In the photo: Further Fighters (in yellow), [image courtesy of Footy Namibia].