Pain and tears

By Josefina Ndeshi Gabriel /

Life is really something which is complicated and beyond our understanding, because it’s all about good and about bad; so that once you come to that moment of bad things happening you may end up not only in tears but also in pain.

Sometimes you feel so hurt and full of sorrow and sadness, and through this you pass through the process of pain which you may not think that you can survive it.

There are different kinds of pain; some pain is deep while some pain is low. But whatever pain it may be, we have to accept it because if we cannot avoid the situation which causes us the pain, then it means that we must be strong and survive it.

Pain is normal too; there is time for everything.

There is physical pain, mental pain, emotional and spiritual pain; and all this can happen to anyone and any time.

The best way is to know how to deal with it. I understand it’s painful and hard to handle and no one would wish for hard times to come by; everyone wants good and joyful things to happen to him or her.

However you can’t carry time and control it by yourself. When good times come you have to enjoy the experience as much as you can, but when bad times come to you they don’t make any announcement that I’m coming. You just prepare to be strong and brave enough to face life with its challenges, its ups and downs, and not to end your life no matter how deep the pain may be, because life situations are temporary.

Someone can say “mind your thoughts when you are alone, and mind your temper to avoid wrong and strange actions that can make you regret tomorrow and lead you to pain.”

But sometimes pain will come even when you have done everything to mind your thoughts and your temper. You only need to accept the situations as they come and let them make you strong and learn from it.

Pain can be physical, by wound or shedding of blood, but this can heal too. Pain can be by internal sorrow or shedding of tears, but you can still heal and smile again. Mental and emotional abuse can be examples of silent pain, but you can still come out from it stronger.

Losing someone is an experience that is painful and hard to handle, but it too can strengthen you to stand again without that person. So, all pain is temporary. Just be strong, brave and have hope.

Be your own hero!

One day you will be the one to tell others that: “I have fought my own battles, licked my own wounds and stood up to fight again! If I can you can too!”

  • Josefina Gabriel is a student-teacher, Christian author, and online columnist based in Rundu, Namibia.