Luck comes from trying

By Josefina Gabriel /

A good child has his or her mind open to many things, eager to know more and dream to be a good person in future and tries to win always.

But children can make mistakes, and it’s okay to make a mistake for you to learn. Mistakes are not failures; they are proof that you are trying and making an effort in life.

And one important thing is to try believing in yourself, learning to listen and follow instructions as ordered by those in authority like parents, guardians and teachers.

Smart and strong children or teens try to solve their own problems, they do their home works and they bath regularly.

They put more effort in their schooling by attending classes and trying to concentrate in class.

Success in life is not an accident but it’s hard work, learning, studying and loving what you are doing – and trying your best to become your best.

In life no one is lucky, but luck comes from trying, by trying to be a good child, trying always to be happy, always busy, asking questions, making mistakes, learning to trust, sharing your feelings and trying to do things which are important in life, and that’s the way people grow.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, online columnist and author.