On Friday, 21 June 2024, the Board of Directors of Bridgehead Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd announced a dividend declaration of N$500,000.00 to its shareholder, the National Youth Council of Namibia.

During a ceremony at the National Youth Council of Namibia (NYCN)’s Head Office in Windhoek, Bridgehead, which is the business arm of the National Youth Council of Namibia, handed over a cheque of half a million dollars.

These funds are a large part of dividends declared to Bridgehead by the Uukumwe Youth Empowerment Consortium (Uukumwe), an entity with operations in the fishing sector, and in which Bridgehead has an equity interest.

The remainder of the dividends received from Uukumwe will be used to continue financing the operations of Bridgehead, thereby ushering in a new era of sustainability and self-sufficiency.

The declaration and handover of dividends to NYCN follow the interim appointment of Mr Simon Taapopi and Ms Eva Awases to the Board of Directors of Bridgehead, whose mandate is to guarantee a smooth leadership transition (following the resignation of the former Directors), stabilise the company and its subsidiaries and achieve full statutory compliance.

As the interim Board of Directors of Bridgehead begin to conclude their appointment mandate and transfer custody of the company to a substantive Board of Directors, they celebrate the milestones reached thus far, in particular, their commitment to greater accountability, transparency and institutional sustainability.

“We have always viewed Bridgehead Group Holdings as a company with the potential to significantly contribute to the youth development agenda by seeking out and pursuing deep-impact, high value business opportunities that can allow us to drive positive change, while creating sustainable financial returns and building social capital,” said Mr Simon Taapopi.

“Bridgehead is not a company of the National Youth Council of Namibia alone; it is a business vehicle for all young people in Namibia that creates value for them.

“The Interim Board of Directors of Bridgehead express our gratitude to the Board of NYCN, and by extension, the young people of the Namibia, for entrusting us with the responsibility to guard and transform Bridgehead, and usher the entity into a new era of sustainability.”

In the photo: Displaying the cheque delivered by Bridgehead.