The newly elected mayor of the town of Oshakati said during his leadership nobody will practice tribalism but everyone will work to bring inclusive development to the community of this northern town.

Mr Leonard Hango was speaking yesterday at the ceremony where he and his fellow town councilors were sworn in after declaring their pledges before magistrate Antonius Shapumba that they will be servants of the residents of Oshakati for the next five years.

“Let me urge you that in conducting our duties, let’s move away from the ill-practice of tribalism and ethnicity, but rather embrace the notion of inclusive development. We shouldn’t forget that tribalism destroys countries,” the mayor said.

Hango further said that “a city or a town that is characterized by continuous infighting shall never develop but rather makes the residents suffer and deprived of essential services. Therefore I call upon ‘UNITY’ to prevail amongst yourselves while conducting this important task entrusted in you by the electorates.

“I know we just came out of the heated election campaigns when we were criticizing one another as different political parties. Time has now come to join hands and serve the people of Oshakati as one team without favor, regardless of their political affiliations.

“One of the important roles as the Mayor for Oshakati is to ensure that representatives from participating political parties are comfortable and free to express themselves during Council sessions to enable us reach well-informed and inclusive decisions. No one should ever feel left behind as stated in the Harambee Prosperity Plan.

“I therefore take this opportunity to invite all of you to join the town Council of Oshakati in its vision and to pledge your commitment to improve our town and beyond and the Town Council’s jurisdiction.

“I further would like to invite our residents of Oshakati to give us advice, support and cooperation for the growth and development of our town.”

In the photo: New Oshakati Mayor Mr Leonard Hango.