Jealousy is a spiritual disease

By Josefina Ndeshi Gabriel /

Living a better life is a blessing from above; and since everyone has his or her own blessings from above at the right time or moment which they can enjoy with praising the Almighty for the good things given them through grace, a good life can also happen or be a result of working hard and trying your best in life.

Jealousy in general is a result of the feelings of insecurity, fear or too much concern over a lack of possessions when your ‘working hard and trying your best in life’ doesn’t seem to be working; and this can consist of anger, inadequacy, helplessness or disgust for life itself.

Then jealousy becomes the overwhelming feeling of insecurity or feelings associated with being possessive of another person, e.g. friends or partner. This can then end up in another explanation of the word ‘jealous’ where you are not happy with someone else’s progress or being irritated by his or her achievements or being not happy just because you do not like someone’s good deeds.

People tend to hate one another because the hatred of jealousy starts from the heart and brain for nothing then it influences everything and everyone around: friendships are fake, and relationships are bad, families, colleagues, neighbors, members from different departments of the same company are no more like sisters and brothers and mother and father but enemies in progress for each others downfall.

They end up being frustrated, angry, fighting and in competition with each others because of jealousy.

And this is the main reason people have enemies. Because jealousy contains all the destructive ingredients like hatred, gossip, cursing, accusing, wishing for each other bad luck, mocking and wishing for the downfall of another. Jealousy is actually a spiritual sickness.

In the end you might just come to realize that jealousy has been the one sickness which keeps you from getting to your blessings for a better life.

So if you’re in that situation you better change and choose to be a good person, and be happy for others’ progress and blessings. It’s when you’re happy for others that you become happy for yourself too.

Otherwise you’re just creating problems for yourself, hindering yourself from moving on and then you break the ladder to your entire blessings and your full happiness.

Just remember that all that you have it’s already a blessing; hold it, use it, and just be satisfied with what you have on earth.

  • Josefina Gabriel is an online columnist and Christian author. Her first book titled “Listen to your heart” was published in 2022, while its Oshiwambo translation, titled “Pulakena Komutima Gwoye” was published in 2024.