By Josefina “Ndeshi” Gabriel

In life everybody wants to be perfect and to conquer all. We always try to be the best we can be and make sure we did it, although in many instances we tend to fail.

But one thing is that for you to be perfect, conquer all and become the best you can be in life it depends on your value.

So that value is the good perfume we should always be looking for, and it’s through it that we must keep on trying to achieve other things.

And how do we know that we have value in our lives? Or how do we increase our value? Although God put in us all the value when He created us, we also need to do something to maintain that value and to improve where we can.

The following twelve pointers will provide the answer as to how you can maintain and increase your value.


  1. See the value of others. Our value comes through actions towards other people, by loving them, respecting them and treating them well. When we value others they can also reflect the same to us by seeing the value in us.


  1. Wishing the best for others. Respecting other people and acceptance of their living and wishing them the best, it can show how you value yourself.


  1. Obeying the Creator. By obeying the word of your God can even promote your value 100%.


  1. Respect your body. By respecting your body you can regain all the value which God put in you when He created you.


  1. Speaking good about others. Controlling of our tongues when we are speaking can improve our value. But cursing, insulting and sharp-tongues can decrease our value.


  1. Humbling ourselves. Children of God are always humble, because they know where their value comes from.


  1. Dress appropriately. Your dress is your label and price tag. Your dressing code will determine who you are, and it will determine how much value people put on you.


  1. Do what is good. Value can be seen in us due to what we are doing in front of people.


  1. Avoid bad company. Avoiding of staying with wrong people can verify your value.


  1. Speak well. Speaking positively can promote your value; avoid being negative always.


  1. Change your thoughts. By controlling our thoughts and moving away from evil thoughts always can create a good mood of value in you.


  1. Obey your parents. Obeying of commandments and respecting the rules of elders can protect you from being valueless, useless and used by a hopeless life.


So, keep your value, improve your value, and live according to your value.