Do it yourself

By Josefina “Ndeshi” Gabriel  |

I have realized that sometimes in life you just have to make a decision to do things for yourself. You have to do it yourself, because no one can do it for you.

Sometimes no one can do it better than you.

Each and every one of us has his or her duties to perform in life. And when it comes to your duties, no one can perform them better than you.

This is why you have to do it yourself. Don’t depend on someone always. Rather believe in yourself and believe that you can also do it better. Why not you? You are also capable.

The battle you face in life is for you to fight and win. Don’t sit down and wait for someone to come and fight for you. If your battle is to get an education, then you have to do it yourself because no one can study for you.

If your battle is to start a business, then you have to do it because no one can be an entrepreneur on your behalf.

You have to stand up and solve your own problems by doing something positive. Don’t just wait for your parent or the government to do everything for you.

Of course some things are difficult to do on your own. What you need is to look for good advice, and then take the steps necessary until you overcome it.

Find some strategies how to do it better; find good procedures to win over the challenges. Gain more energy and wisdom to do it wisely. You can make it.

There are reasons why you can’t also trust someone to do it for you:

  1. People can pretend to help, but not.
  2. They can disappoint you at any time.
  3. They can make empty promises.
  4. They can steal your plans away.
  5. You might have the best idea than them.

Never be afraid to fail. Failures are there to teach you a lesson but not to destroy you. You can fall and you can stand up again because you can do it yourself.

Learn to defend yourself as a soldier when enemies come your way, and believe that you can face that battle. Believe that you can carry all your duties and responsibilities in life no matter how hard it is.

Life is about doing it and winning over it.