You are wonderfully made

By Josefina Ndeshi Gabriel /

We are living in a world of a judgmental society, a society which puts a high price on the way you look.

As a result every woman wants to look as beautiful as possibly one can become with the help of money. That is the dilemma we have in life; and we deny the fact that there is nobody who was born ugly.

Do you know that no matter in what shape you are formed you are a wonderfully made of God creation? You are the miracle made by his hands!

Sometimes people see others who were differently made and start calling them names, saying that they are not looking nice; who told you that the best look was supposed to look like the way you like or you always know? Who told you that a certain colour of the skin is more beautiful than the other, where did you read it from?

We are all the same before our God who made us, and he made us in his will and plan and all made for his name to be glorified. Who am I or who are you to differentiate and be judgmental of his works?

The reason we end up changing ourselves, going for surgery, is simple – it is because you seem to be more clever than the one who formed you. As a result you listen to others who say that you will look more nicer when you change your shape or face because what you have is not nice.

Through your desire to impress people you end up debating with God forgetting that you’re a blessing and you’re perfectly made and no one has the right to say anything bad against you.

You might live under discrimination due to your shape or face; but it’s a lie – you are not what they say you are. You are what God says you are.

You’re unique in your own way. You’re wonderfully made. Stop hearing that evil voice and start believing in yourself!