Swapo must think

By Victor Angula /

In a few days time the ruling party Swapo will converge in the capital city Windhoek at a congress that is sure to be one of the most critical gatherings of Swapo after Independence.

While the spotlight will in all likely probabilities be on the election for the vice presidency position of this former liberation movement, there will also be positions for the party’s central committee which will be up for grabs.

Although whoever will be the next leader of Swapo will have a big role to play in determining the way along the last few years towards 2030, in all practicality it will be the central committee of Swapo which will determine Namibia’s direction towards 2030 and beyond – direction toward progress or regression.

In other words, after the Geingob’s Presidency, Swapo’s slogan for Namibia will either be ‘Komesho!’ or ‘Konima!’

That is to say, unless something kind of an earthquake get to happen in 2024 that takes Swapo out of power.

Now, assuming that nothing of that nature is to happen, then those who are going to the Swapo congress of this coming weekend must think. They must think who to elect to the central committee because the central committee is the breeding ground for national leadership.

My dictionary defines “thinking” as the process by which you ‘use your mind to consider something, to form connected ideas, to try to solve problems, etc.’

This means that the way ahead for this nation will be paved by those leaders who are able to think. So the next Swapo central committee must be made up of people who are able to think.

By thinking it does not mean that the people must be educated or be intellectuals. No. It just means that the people in their individuality and collectively must be able to use their minds in considering things, in connecting the dots, and in trying to solve problems.

No nation goes forward which is led by people who can’t think.

Over the past few decades the difference between Swapo Party of Namibia and the Communist Party of China is that the Communist Party was led by people who can think.

The Swapo Party must learn how to think; how to think not only for themselves but to think for the nation, and to think for the future generations.

In the modern world, people, companies and countries will go ahead which are able to think. Where there is no thinking, even hard work will be unproductive – just as when there is thinking but no hard work nothing productive can come about.

In the photo: Chinese billionaire Mr Jack Ma.