A woman of exemplary character

By Elina-Ombili Shishaki

A woman of character is like a leaf of clover. She is rare to find, nowadays.

Beautiful faces are seen everywhere and arrogant heads are roaming anywhere; but strong hearted women, down to earth and confident in their own skins, are not easy to find.

And when a man found this good woman he will never let go of her hand.

Being a good woman comes naturally, or if you change your attitude for good. But too often you may not realize how good or bad you are until someone told you so.

Your goodness can be seen through your behavior, character, your personality and how you interact or socialise with others.

A woman of strong character doesn’t crave for things she doesn’t have. She never tries to risk her reputation for the sake of self-enrichment.

A good woman doesn’t easily get impressed by luxurious things or be shaken when seeing a huge sum of money.


As long as she is loved and treated with respect then it’s all right with her.

She always remembers where she came from and what she has promised her parents.

A well brought up woman is not interested in a man’s status or job titles nor is she impressed by cars or wealth, but all she wants is to be shown love and affection, and time to spend with her.

She doesn’t have to become a sacrificial lamb to save the relationship from falling apart. All she wants is someone who is committed in executing his duties and fulfills her wishes.

A good woman is trustworthy and has strong moral values.

A real woman works hard to be able to foot her own bills and not just to rely on a man for financial support.

No matter her age, a woman of good character is matured both emotionally and mentally. Regardless of the circumstances, she will never change herself for anyone but will maintain a character that will always blow people’s minds.

So watch out for a woman of exemplary character.