Be at peace being single

By Alma “Namene” Amunyela |

When you look at your life, dear ladies, and the world around you, you may be tempted to feel that being single is actually such a bad thing.

But no! Don’t ever let yourself to feel that way.

Remember that happiness is a choice. Happiness is all about waking up every day and deciding you won’t let anything put you down.

The search for happiness is unending. Even married people and those who are in long-term relationships are always on the lookout for happiness even while happy moments are always with anyone just if you stop searching and start enjoying.

So what I want to say is that a person can find happiness even being single and alone.

Happiness comes from the inside. All you just need to do is allow it to flow and fill your life.

People who feel they have been single for too long, those who just had a breakup, even those whose partners are away often find difficulties in being happy by themselves.

Just be happy my dearest friend. Don’t worry or stress yourself. Feel at peace while you’re alone. In fact being single is one of the best times in a person’s life. This is because a single lady has time and freedom to be herself and be anything she wants to be.

If you’re single you can have big dreams and go after them as much as you want. When you’re single then this is the time you’re enjoying life to the fullest.

Let me think up just a few more things that a single lady can benefit from being single:

1) Freedom from the emotional stress poor relationships or marriage can bring. If you’re single then you will not have this kind of stress or issues and can easily stay happy without having to deal with anyone’s drama.

2) The privilege to do what you want without asking for anyone’s permission. Isn’t that great, huh? Being able to do what you really want without anyone dictating. Whether or not you should do them or how they should be done, only us single ladies can explain the joy derived from this kind of freedom.

3) We have our opportunity to make better choices of partners. Those who are currently without partners have the privilege to lay down what they really want from their future partners.

4) Enjoying financial freedom. When you’re single and you have a job you’re free from financial commitments and entanglements. You can spend your money the way you want to without being accountable to anyone.

So you see, ladies, it’s so good to be single honestly. Believe me, to be single is kind of a blessing really.